The Company and its Services

Convenience and safe are the name of the game
Yara Transportation and Tours Ltd. Company offers transportation services throughout the country for over 13 years. The company has a many years' reputation in the field of transportation, and employs veteran, experienced and kind drivers. Every driver is obligated to the safety of the passengers, alongside a time schedule that is strictly followed.
  • Transportation of employees to their work place.
  • Children's transportation to kindergartens and to schools (pick-up and return)
  • Transportations to events throughout the country.
  • Transportation to the Ben Gurion Airport and back.
Yara Company's vehicles include all safety devices as required by law, including GPS systems which locate them in every point of the country on real time. The vehicles run through current testing by a transportation safety officer, who ensures that they are suitably maintained and meet all standards and requirements of the law.

The company offers its clients a rich fleet of vehicles for every transportation, tour and purpose.
The passengers can relax and enjoy the ride in air conditioned vehicles and DVD's and other pampering: taxies (up to 4 passengers), minibuses (20 passengers), transits (10 to 14 passengers), midibuses (35 seats) and also busses (50 to 55 passengers). As well, the company holds special vehicles for the handicapped, including lifts.

We would gladly be at your service.